Travel Journal of my Time in Japan

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August 16, 2002

Well, this is it! I'll be on my flight to Japan in about nine hours. I've been stressed trying to make so many decisions, get everything done, and I still feel like there's more I'd like to do. But I'm going to cuddle with Julie (my cat), have a snack and call it a very late night.

Many of you have been asking how do I feel here at the end of the preparation stage.
I'm not really nervous about it all that much. I do wonder if I'll make a good teacher of conversational English. I mean, after all, the fact is I've never done it before. I think I will make a good teacher, and AEON must think so too. But I won't know for certain until I'm in front of students. I'll pay close attention during training next week and do my very best.

As far as stuff outside of "the job", this whole adventure feels very right, I have no doubts that it was a good decision to take this position. There will be challenges, but I feel prepared for them - as prepared as I can be. Two years ago, I wouldn't have been ready for something like this, but now I'm primed for it! All the pieces have fallen in place. Bring it on! This is something I've wanted for YEARS, to live and work in another culture. I'm going to learn tons, meet lots of very interesting people, and broaden my horizons considerably.

And after this year? Who knows? So much is going to happen in the next twelve months. I will change a lot, the world will change, so many variables. All I can do is cross that bridge as I approach it next summer.

And so off I go! Thanks again for all the support.

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