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Last updated: December 19, 2015Willowbrook

RVI Updates:
FAQs (as of June 22, 2012)
Updated Raptor Manual (as of October 28, 2011)

Links to sites about Willowbrook:
Willowbrook Wildlife Center

Willowbrook Information on DuPage Forest Preserve Site

All Raptors are okay to work except:

  • Tonka, Alba and Henna - are staff only.
  • Cricket is the new grey morph Eastern Screech Owl. She's in training.

Check out other areas of this site:

  • Education Raptors: every education raptor has his/her own page - including alumni!
  • Species Information: an information page for each raptor species represented at Willowbrook.
  • General Raptor Information: links to FAQs, other raptor centers, and various articles about raptors.
    (Please contribute links, photos, and your responses to FAQs, etc. - the purpose of this site is to share information!

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